BowserIconOn-Site Tanks



Our Portable Fuel Stations allow transparency and control of your fuel management and peace of mind knowing that your fuel supply is safe and secure. With a small footprint, our ‘plug and play’, all-in-one, easy-to-operate solution allows you the ability to refuel at your convenience, eliminating time and cost constraints associated with using traditional service stations.

With a strong focus on security and reporting, our tanks are equipped with an innovative Fuel Management System that offers transparency and control over fuel usage in your business and can be monitored in real-time. Through the use of individually coded equipment tags with secure PIN (scanned at the time of refueling), it enables tracking and reporting saving you significant time in reconciliation and back-office procedures. You will have the ability to track user information, mileage, equipment hours and more – complete control of your fuel management.

We also take the pain out of monitoring how much fuel you have available through dipping technology that enables us to monitor your stock levels regardless of your geographic location. Accurate stock level data is live-streamed to our Logistics team eliminating the occurrence of costly fuel run-outs. Becoming the ‘hub’ of your business transport, we understand the importance of continuous operation and our Strike Fuels Support team are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Portable Fuel Stations are a very adaptable solution to your business fuel usage and requirements, and come in a range of sizes from 2,000L to 100,000L.

TruckIconOn-Site Refuelling



Our on-site delivery service provides fuel direct to your existing fuel storage facility. Our fleet, each manned by a driver fully trained and qualified in the storage and handling of fuel, supply and deliver bulk fuel to customers in the Greater Brisbane area, Darling Downs, the Gold and Sunshine Coast’s and into northern NSW.




We offer a robust and competitive refuelling solution for marine vessels in Brisbane and its’ surrounding North and South coastline vicinities.

With a limitless capacity to satisfy volume requirements, Strike Fuels are equipped to manage your bunkering process from start to finish, including for ocean-going vessels heading overseas.

We can assist in coordinating and managing all port authorisation and permit requirements, and are able to supply and manage Duty and GST exempt product for off-shore business. All Marine diesel / fuels deliveries come with a Fuel Quality Certificate (FSC) that meets international standards.

All our operators are fully trained in refuelling watercraft, over water, safely and efficiently ensuring Strike Fuels provide a safe end-to-end solution regardless of your required volume.