Why Strike Fuels?

First and foremost, at Strike Fuels we pride ourselves on being a customer-focused business. We understand ‘family’ business and we too appreciate the benefits that come with not becoming lost as another number in a multi-national corporation. For that reason we offer a personalised approach regardless of your business size, every customer is important to us.

Your business is our business, and if things should not go according to plan, we will always be there to get things back on track (or on the road). In order to do that our in-house support team are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Above all else, Strike Fuels number one goal is to safely, suitably and economically keep your motors running. The benefits we can bring to your business in doing so include:

•  Reducing your fuel costs

•  Increasing labour efficiencies in your refuelling process

•  Improving security and control on fuel purchases

•  Providing real-time reporting for fuel usage controlled from your office

•  Offering simple solutions that are easy-to-use for all staff

•  Reducing vehicle down-time.

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